Go game softwares

the most interesting game in the world
  Mobile gogame softwares
Palm,Symbian,PocketPC,Smartphone,Java...version of go game softwares

Life and death problems version3.1
More than 1200  life and death problems with solution. Details...

Attack and defense
Tesuji of attack and defense. Details...

Hamete and overplay
Tell you how to deal with hamete and overplay. Details...

Skill of endgame(yose)
more than 600 endgame(yose) problems with solution. Details...

Joseki library. When you select a point of move, all possible next moves will be displayed, colored by it's property(bad or good, hamete, overplay etc). It is a convenient tool to study joseki.
Sgf reader
Yet another sgf reader for Windows. It is a free software. Download


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