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the most interesting game in the world

    Wu qingyuan, the greatest master of Go game, said that if you want to play Go better, try to solve 'life and death' problems.

    Here we gathered more than 1,000 practice problems for beginners to 7d for you. You will find that by practicing them your skill will be improved very quickly.
You will become more sensitive to those important positions.

    Some professional players evaluate this program. It's said that if you can
solve all of them, you are close to professionals. Yet, It's easy to use. You
play black against computer. Computer will make best counter-move.  Computer
will also report what level you are at.

    The problems are very interesting and challenging.  You can do it at your own
pace and always come back to try different variations or re-fresh yourself.
You will have lots, lots fun.  Enjoy it.

      Here's what some users have to say :

            Ask any pro how to get stronger and the first words out of his
mouth invariably are "Study life and death."
            The problem (pun intended) is that studying life and death
(tsume-go) is hard and, let's be honest, boring. I love these elegant little
problems but until a couple of weeks ago five a day on the subway each
morning was all I could find the time for. Forget about cracking the book on
            Now, thanks to Lyu shuzhi's 'LifeAndDeath' software, I'm solving
more than 20 problems a day, seven days a week. LifeAndDeath makes life and
death studying so easy, fun and addictive that it may well become the go
crowd's "Minesweeper."
            The tsume-go student's dilemma is whether to cudgel your brains
until you solve the problem or to give it your best shot and move on.
LifeAndDeath solves the dilemma by speeding up and easing the process of
solving over 1,000 problems, grouped as basic, beginner, intermediate or
advanced. You match wits against the program, which responds instantly to
each move. Solve the problem successfully and you're rewarded with a
"success" message; if not, you get a "failed" message.
            Either way, the instant response and easy interface proves
remarkably addictive. Success spurs you on to solve more problems while
failure sends you back to take another crack at it. The software itself
doesn't care: you can drop in at whatever level you like, re-do problems you
already worked on or try out new ones.
            The astonishing thing is that after just a few days I found
myself instantly spotting successful sequences where it would have taken me
several minutes before in a book, if I'd even had the patience to keep
trying. And the proof of the pudding is that none of my opponent's groups
are safe anymore. Try LifeAndDeath and your opponents will soon be calling you
"killer" too.  -- Chris Garlock, Editor American Go Journal & E-Journal

    I've just received your email and installed Life And Death. I don't have
a lot of time right now (I'm at work) but it looks excellent  -- Dusko

    Thank you very much for the Life And Death. I just looked at it and played one
or two problems and found it fun to play with.  -- Jianhua Li

    Thanks a lot! I'm sure I'll enjoy it for a long long time.  -- Jim Liu

    This is a great Go software I have ever seen!  -- Gohero  

    I took a quick look at the first problem and I like what I saw!!!  -- Milton Bradley

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